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Lost Sea PS4
If you have ever wanted to explore a tropical paradise in a rogue-like adventure then Lost Sea is the game for you. Lost Sea proves that rogue-likes can be relaxing as well as hectic so let us sail away and see what adventures await me laddies.

Lost Sea puts you in the shoes of a plane crash survivor who must find his way out of the Bermuda Triangle and back to civilisation. You control your character by running around, slashing a machete at dodo’s and bushes, and interacting with stage features. However, you are not Bear Grills so you will need to find other survivors who assist you with simple tasks such as unlocking chests, building bridges, and digging for treasure. At first, you can only have one mate tagging along but as you unlock more slots, picking and choosing characters in order to form the most ideal party possible becomes an incredibly enjoyable aspect. Battling monsters quite easy, as all you basically do is avoid attacks and slash away, although some power-ups such as guns and bombs could help you when you are in a tight spot. Overall, exploring each island for tablets that lead the way to new islands, recruiting party members, fighting dodo’s, and discovering lots of treasure makes for a very addictive and enjoyable gameplay formula.

Lost Sea’s graphics aren’t that impressive but they sure are charming. Vibrant environments blend with cel-shaded characters to create a playful atmosphere. Additionally, the soundtrack that’s full of lively island jams and relaxing melodies fits the ambience beautifully. Even though Lost Sea doesn’t boast the greatest presentation, what is here is endearing enough to make it a worthwhile experience.

Lost Sea PS4

Lost Sea PS4

Lost Sea PS4
As you progress through islands, you will eventually meet a mean pirate boss. After beating him, you advance to the next area of islands. In total, there are five areas with distinct themes including jungle, desert, swamp, and snow. Upon starting a game, you can continue at the beginning of any area that you have already reached. Many incentives are offered that will keep you hooked even after you bite the dust for the gazollionest time. First, you begin each attempt with extra money and experience points depending on how well you performed in your previous attempt. Starting with a healthy bonus can definitely give you an upper-hand. Next, a treasure catalogue is implemented that you fill out every time you uncover a new treasure. Being able to find them requires you to travel to the correct islands and explore them fully. Finally, a detailed statistics screen will make perfectionists strive to complete as much as they can.

Lost Sea is a fun yet simple game but it suffers from three major problems that are difficult to ignore. The most annoying of which is that right after you clear out all of the monsters on an island, all you are left to do is explore it without any challenge whatsoever. If you are like me (and god forbid there are more like me), you will spend half of your time running around islands obsessively trying to collect everything without even one monster in sight. It becomes very tedious. On top of this, your party members get stuck behind corners and obstacles way too easily. Sometimes, you are unaware that they are left behind, and then once you realise it, you have to backtrack to find them. The last substantial issue is that you can’t save mid-game so you basically have to play until you perish. Therefore, ensure you put the kids to bed, make the couch comfortable, and set aside a huge chunk of time before you want to play Lost Sea.

Lost Sea PS4
Lost Sea PS4

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