The following list was leaked online, while some tasks seem legit, this is not a confirmed list for MKX.
The list hints at possible more interesting news to come.

This Article has an updated version which can be found here

These are the possible trophies/achievements for MKX:

Civil War (20G) – Complete Story Mode 50%

The Future Looks Grim (20G) – Complete Story Mode 100%

Dressed to Kill (20G) – Unlock all alternate costumes

Part of a Team (10G) – Contribute 10000 overall points towards your faction

Team Leader (20G) – Contribute 100000 overall points towards your faction

Challenge Accepted (10G) – Complete 100 Faction Challenges

We Are the Champions (10G) – Win 5 Faction Wars in a row

Bragging Rights (10G) – Reach Rank 50

The Best of the Best (20G) – Reach Rank 100

Somebody Call a Doctor! (10G) – Perform every fighters X-Ray attack

Family Feuds (10G) – Win 50 matches against a fighters relative

Fists of Fury! (20G) – Perform a 15-hit combo with any fighter

Environmentalist (10G) – Perform every arena interaction

The Student Has Become the Teacher (5G) – Complete Tutorial Mode

How to Take a Life (5G) – Complete Fatality Trainer

Ultimate Finisher (20G) – Perform every finishing move for all fighters

Tower Noob (10G) – Complete all Daily Matches in Living Tower for the current day

Tower Champ (10G) – Complete all Premier Matches in Living Tower

Tower Lord (20G) – Complete 150 Living Tower missions overall

Tested (10G) – Complete Test Your Luck & Test Your Might on max difficulty

Survivalist (20G) – Win 50 rounds on the Survivor Tower

How Slow Can You Go? (10G) – Complete a Klassic Tower without running (allowed to continue)

The Mightiest Warrior (20G) – Complete Champion Tower on max difficulty without using a continue

Variation Champion (30G) – Complete a Klassic Tower with every fighter having used every variation

The Konsumer (20G) – Unlock 50% of the Krypt

The Kollector (30G) – Unlock 100%^of the Krypt

Hello? (50G) – Discover the Secret of the Krypt

The Chosen One (60G) – Win 15 Ranked Online Matches in a row

In It to Win It (20G) – Win 100 complete Online Matches

Seasoned Veteran (80G) – Play 200 complete Online Matches

Mind Your Surroundings (10G) – Use every level interactable and win in a Ranked Online Match

Feet Planted Firmly (10G) – Win an online match without jumping

The Comeback Kid (10G) – Make a comeback in a Ranked Online Match with 10% or less health

Untouchable (10G) – Get a Flawless Victory in an Online Match

Humiliated! (20G) – Get a Double Flawless Victory in a Ranked Online Match

Tossed (10G) – Perform 5 throws in 1 Online Ranked Match

Takes a Beating (10G) – Win a Ranked Online Match without blocking

Nothing Special About Me (20G) – Win an online match without using any Special Moves

Emperor for a Day (25G) – Win 10 King of the Hill Matches in a row

Rise to Power (10G) – Dethrone an opponent in King of the Hill Matches with 10 or more wins in a row

Double Karnage (20G) – Successfully land 2 X-Ray attacks in 1 Online Match

You Look Familiar (10G) – Win 20 mirrored Ranked Online Matches

Kombat Apprentice (10G) – Gain Mastery of 1 Fighter

Kombat Master (50G) – Gain Mastery of All Fighters






Wanna know what the secret of the krypt is? Who’s part of the family feuds trophie/achievement?
This list made us curious for MKX which has it release on the 14th of April 2015,for PS3,PS4,XBOX360,XBOXone and PC

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