Me a console gamer from the get go , have the opportunity to review Decay – The Mare. I’ve never played this type of point and click games, the closest I’ll ever went to this type of games are the Telltale games Like The Walking Dead and they aren’t even that close to it. I haven’t touched my PC for gaming once , having a Mac makes it even harder to find games on it. But since it’s Friday the 13th and Decay – the mare has reached its full release. I will put my fears aside and trade in my loving console with its controller for a mouse and keyboard.

First up Decay – the Mare is an episodic 3D point & click horror adventure consisting of 3 episodes. Developed by Shining Gate Software, Known for “Battlefield Heroes” and the in 2010 released “Decay” the predecessor to “Decay – The Mare”. Decay – the Mare is published by one of Germans most acclaimed publishers “Daedalic Entertainment” known for “Tales of Monkey Island”. “Daedalic entertainment” more recently have started their own twitch channel, which you can follow via www.twitch.tv/DaedalicEntertainment .

Players control Sam, an addict who ends up in an institution named “Reaching Dreams” to get rid of his drug problem and clean up his miserable life. But during the first night, something goes wrong and he gets stuck in a nightmare that never seems to end. Which of course feels like a drug trip on its own,

What is a friend? Well in my case it’s a bag, a talking bag. I befriend the bag and the bag turns out to be a hand. My friend the hand. I don’t want to go to deep into the story featured in Decay – The Mare , that’s something you have to experience for yourself. It will give you the needed scares and maybe , just maybe you will jump up from your chair, or if you’re more like me you just get the tinniest of goosebumps. The story is featured trough various ways, like small clips and hidden notes. I couldn’t find out where the story was heading in the beginning , but as time flew the story became clearer and clearer.


The puzzles featured in Decay – The Mare are not that hard and don’t involve too much investigation and manipulation to solve them. The intractable items are limited to a few objects and furniture. Due to the lack of storytelling it’s not always clear what you have to do with certain objects , But through trial and error you can solve them anyways. Going from one room to another will most definitely be rewarding, each area looks great and has its own creepy vibe to it. You’ll have to revisit some rooms more then once , each room will lose its creepy charm the more often you’ll visit them. Reliving the same rooms for multiple times may cause a loss of interest in the overall game design. But is of course needed to solve the puzzles. The fact that i’ve never played an point and click adventure before didn’t seem to be an disadvantage at all. I managed to recover some hidden coins and even managed to collect all hidden coins in episode 2. I will most definitely believe that there are harder point and click adventures out there, but for me Decay – The Mare was just challenging enough to make it a fun experience.


Decay – the Mare the complete episodes is available as of today on steam for PC,MAC OSX and Linux

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