LASTFIGHT is a 3D fighting / platform game with an arcade style based on the recently awarded comic book LASTMAN.

LASTMAN is a comic book written by Michael Sanlaville, Yves Bigerel and Bastien Vives. Highly acclaimed by readers and reviewers, LASTMAN has also won the “Best Series” award in ANGOULEMES International Comics Festival in January 2015.

LASTFIGHT is in development at Piranaking, a young and independent studio, for more than 2 and a half years now and will see its release somewhere in 2015 for PC and consoles.
Packed with humor, skill and fun for up to 4 players, LASTFIGHT introduces a roster of 10 different characters. Each of its 8 arenas offers specific boosts and items for a constant update in gameplay, like a couch you can throw at your opponent.

I’m a fighting game fan at heart, and while I mostly play games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, I’m drawn to LASTFIGHT, it’s a game I would like to play with some friends, on a Saturday afternoon while on my couch, playing with 4 people at once and hoping no one throws a couch at me.

Bastien Vives the creator of LASTMAN is a fighting game fanatic himself and states the following:

“As a versus fighting fanatic, I love taking 20 minutes to draw Richard punching through Lastman.
The cool thing about LASTFIGHT is that we can do it in 5 frames of startup (83ms), and I am very proud to show it worldwide in this first teaser”

Enjoy the trailer.

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