Final Fantasy Type-0 was the first high-profile Final Fantasy game to not be localized in the West, the wait is almost over Type-0 HD is bound to release soon.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD features 14 playable characters, all of them are cadets in Class Zero at the Magic Academy Peristylium Suzaku. Each character wields a different weapon and a unique fighting style.

Aside from Machina and Rem, the members of Class Zero are named after the Japanese pronunciations of playing cards.

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“Since the dawn of eternity, four lights of hope have shone upon the world.
Men flock to these lights, around which they build four peristylia.
Each peristylium becomes their faith and society, the path upon which they are set.

The Vermilion Bird – wings of fire to lift the heart.
The White Tiger – steely arms by which to seize knowledge.
The Azure Dragon – unclouded eyes that see all beneath the sky.
The Black Tortoise – a rigid shield and a well-guarded blade.

But when nine and nine meets nine,
Tempus Finis shall be willed upon them.
For without the Agito, their world—called Orience–
must persist in its spiral.
In the land of Orience, it is said that “when Tempus Finis arrives, the crystal will guide Agito, those who will balance the world.”
Many interpret this as “saviors, called Agito, will emerge when the catastrophe, referred to as Finis, befalls this world.”

—The Lore of Orience


Though a peace treaty is supposed to be in effect with the world’s four countries, Cid Aulstyne has sent his l’Cie soldiers to intercontinental war with the neighboring countries. Conquering Lorica for its crystal, the Milites military focuses its attack on the Kingdom of Concordia and the Suzaku Dominion of Rubrum. However, with Byakko’s newly developed weapon named Crystal Jammer, the Suzaku crystal that kept Milites at bay at Rubrum shatters, leaving the nation vulnerable to attack and is forced to surrender to the superior nation. However, still possessing the powers the crystals gave them, the students of Class Zero refuse to surrender and proceed to fight back.

These are the kids from Class Zero, our only hope at a better tomorrow!


Ace: A blond-haired boy who wields a deck of cards. Despite his youthful appearance, his speech and actions are exceptionally impressive. Though usually calm, he has a reckless side and will sometimes rush off and act out of anger.


Deuce: A brunette girl who plays the flute. As the youngest member of Class Zero, she is diligent and kind, but can also be stubborn.


Trey: A blond-haired boy who wields a bow. He takes pride in being a well-mannered and knowledgeable person, and can be very talkative as a result.


Cater: A red-haired girl who wields a magic gun. She is confident and direct, and tends to be competitive and face things head-on.


Cinque: A ginger-haired girl who wields a mace. Although innocent and naive, she tends to react unusually and with unpredictable actions.


Sice: A silver-haired girl who wields a scythe. Her rough speech gives her a tomboy-like personality, but she has good judgment and determination and can also be practical.


Seven: A silver-haired girl who wields a whip. As the eldest member of her class, her caring nature and ability to understand others make her very popular among the underclassmen.


Eight: A red-haired boy who fights with his fists. Calm and serious, his combat style reflects his dislike of weapons, which he believes take lives too easily.


Nine: A blond-haired boy who wields a spear. Impulsive and straightforward, he sees the world in black and white and only feels satisfied when things aren’t complicated.


Jack: A blond-haired boy who wields a katana. Upbeat and humorous, he often keeps a smile on his face and encourages others to look on the positive side.


Queen: A black-haired girl who wields a sword. Her dignified appearance and intelligence suit her name, and she often carries a leader-like personality.


King: A blond-haired boy who wields a pair of handguns. He seldom speaks, but possesses a serious demeanor and strong common sense.


Machina Kunagiri: A dark-haired boy who wields a pair of rapiers, and was transferred into Class Zero alongside his childhood friend, Rem. In spite of his proficiency and straightforwardness, Machina fears war and his inability to protect Rem. His elder brother, Izana, was stationed as a soldier for the Suzaku army.


Rem Tokimiya: A brunette girl who wields a pair of daggers, and was transferred into Class Zero along with Machina. She is moral, kind, and honest, and has an outstanding talent for magic. However, she suffers from an unknown illness, a fact she keeps from Machina and her classmates to avoid worrying them.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release on the 20th of March for Xbox One and PS4, check back soon for a full review.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of final fantasy Type-0 HD for the exclusive Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo.

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