If you were God would you make the right choices? Would you regret your choices? Could you live with yourself if you made the wrong choices? The Awakened Fate Ultimatum offers you just that, a glimpse of being “God”.

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum (TAFU) is developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America, TAFU is set several years after the story of The Guided Fate Paradox, where Renya affected the fates of people and defeated Satanael. TAFU reveals the aftermath of The Guided Fate Paradox, Angels and Devils are still at war, the Devils are dominant and the Angels seem to be on the losing side, only you can turn the tides.

You are Shin Kamikaze a high-school boy who on its way back home wanders a bit and is attacked by a group of Devils. One of these Devils pierces your heart with a sword, while your flabbergasted about this whole event a pretty, and mysterious girl saves you from these Devils, you fade away..


You are awakened in Celestia a wonderful place, you are welcomed by your beautiful savior and another girl. They introduce themselves as Jupiel and Ariael, Jupiel is an beautiful Angel, an Angel who saved your live. Ariael on the other hand is a brilliant scientist and a more serious person. You’ll find out that you aren’t saved, you actually died after the attack, Ariael and Jupiel resurrected you by placing “The Awakening Crystal” inside you, you are now “God”.


As “God” you have certain duties to fulfill, like saving all the Angels from the Devils, you are the one to turn the tide in the war between Angels and Devils. Shin doesn’t want to be a part of this, and sometimes stated this more than obviously, still you are a part of it whether you like it or not. Through the game you will form a bond with Jupiel and Ariael, although with one of them more than with the other due to choices, like with who do you want to talk to after a battle, when you feel down.


Later in the story you’ll discover that Ariael is in fact an imprisoned Devil, and this is where the well told story of TAFU comes to the surface, and shows its true colors. Every time I had an encounter with Jupiel and Ariael I always found Jupiel more appealing, she’s an Angel and I’m always trying to do good, so I chose to side with her through almost every event. During these events Jupiel was more than often a “Devil” not physically, but her actions fitted a Devil more. Ariael on the other side is a Devil and almost all the time makes me hate her due to her actions and words, but turns out to be a “good” person underneath. The personality of the girls in my opinion represents the whole setting of the game, something can appear good and be bad, and something can appear evil and be good.


During the story you are faced with difficult choices and some moral choices, during these events you obviously have to make a choice between good and evil. My opinion on these choices is that there are no good choices, every good choice I made led to a bad event, and even when I made a “bad” choice there was always a downside to it, as “God” you can’t do right.

When facing the choice between saving Angels that are injured in battle or banishing the Devils that did the damage, I chose to save the Angels because they were hurt and needed aid. Saving these injured Angels while Devils run loose results in even more injured Angels, some closer to the heart. This wasn’t the “good’ choice this was bad, even more of these choices had to be made, Killing a Devil commander who has loved once back home, saving traitors who tried to kill Jupiel, the list goes on. There is an ever continuing conflict in your own heart, did I do right? Was it wrong to leave people behind? What would have been the outcome of the other choice? That’s the true power of TAFU.


The story is supremely told with well-drawn characters and even better voice actors, still the main part of playing a game is actually playing, right?

TAFU offers a great gameplay experience in a rogue style RPG, albeit with Eastern influences. You’ll play as Shin and have to find your way through various dungeons, in these dungeons there are enemies both Devil and Angel.


You can find equipment to boost your Normal stats varying from weapons, shields and rings. The better part are your upgrades for your Deitized forms both Angel and Devil. You can earn upgrade points by leveling up and through your choices in events. Points earned through leveling up can be used on both Devil and Angel sides, while points earned through choices are limited to the Angel or Devil side. Upgrading results in a stats boost and special abilities, which can be useful in combat.


Your main goal in the dungeon is to reach the upper level of the dungeon while staying alive, sometimes dying isn’t a bad thing. When you die you’ll lose your equipment and items but the experience gained remains yours. Leveling up is sometimes needed to clear a dungeon with too powerful enemies.


good Great story

good Well drawn characters

good Ultimate choices

bad Long scenes with little interaction

bad Actual gameplay is short

bad Hard choices



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