Another week another chapter in the revelations story, this week it’s puzzle mania in episode 3 Judgement.

As mentioned before I didn’t like the lack of puzzles in Revelations 2 previous episodes, this time around Capcom makes up for the missed puzzles in previous chapters by putting them all in one chapter.


Some of these puzzles are absolutely brilliant, like the kidney puzzle and the Barry and Natalia box puzzle, while others just lack any form of intellect. The puzzles are a great way of changing the pace of the game but also feels quite forced. You’ll have to switch between characters in order to solve these puzzles but doesn’t require any form of higher thinking.


Once again you’ll have to work closely with the 2 teams of characters and while both teams are great, my personal favorite are Barry and Natalia, The play style of both are so different, Barry our armed zombie killer is as always grunting through the levels and killing things on sight, while Natalia requires a more stealthy approach. Switching between the two and using Natalia as bait is one of the best parts in Revelations 2, the two of them bond and in that giving us a great experience.


Claire and Moire finally reached the tower at the center of the island, a place where the two would find answers about their kidnapping, and the whole point of their bracelets. In the exact same place but in the future, Barry and Natalia have climbed the tower and come in contact with a relative from past Resident Evil tittles, Albert Wesker’s sister.

You still have a great mixture between fast paced shooting and intense sneaking. You will get the feeling of being overpowered while playing as Barry, and being completely overwhelmed at the time you’ll play as Moira. Judgement ends like previous chapters with a huge cliffhanger and a hunger for more.



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