A lot of new content for a game already full of things to do.

American Dragon ball fans will receive the DLC on March 17 on all platforms. For the other regions, the DLC will be out on March 17 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and on March 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

The first DLC pack contains:
– 3 new playables characters (Kid Goku GT, Trunks GT and Pan)
– 1 new stage (Planet Tuffle)
– 5 new costumes, 3 new accessories, 9 new Z-souls
– 2 new Masters (Tien and Yamcha)
– 15 new special moves to be learned from Tien and Yamcha
– 4 Time Patrol Quests and 3 Parallel Quests

DLC pack 1

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