With Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4 coming very, very soon, there are going to be a lot of newcomers to the ever expanding community.

For these newcomers getting into the game can be really hard and frustrating, spending hours in training mode and tutorials will definitely improve your game. While competing in ranked matches and endless battle can give you an overwhelming feeling, being beaten within a few seconds without dealing any damage to your challenger. A lot of players can’t hold up with some of the better players and can get in a frustrated vibe, resulting in a complete loss of interest in the game.

To spare you such a negative experience French group Les Super Madbros, put an excellent beginners video on youtube. Pointing out the wel known beginner mistakes and in that teaching you how to become better.
Keep in mind that the video is in French but you could always turn on captions.

Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4 is expected to release this Spring, once more information is available we will come back to you

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