Great news for us stick users, Mortal Kombat X on PS4 will be compatible with PS3 sticks.


Skullgirls Encore developer Lab Zero Games in collaborating with Naughty Dog’s John “Cowboy” Bellomy developed an driver that will make some PS3 fight sticks compatible with PS4 titles.
Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow “any stick that reads as a generic USB gamepad or joystick will work,” explaining that this covers MadCatz TEs and “other smaller brands and custom options such as the GodLike Controls’ Cthulhu boards.”

The driver is not officially supported by Sony, but Lab Zero will allow other developers to use and adapt it for their own titles, so long as they share their work with Lab Zero. Bartholow explained that the team “thinks it’s better for the consumer and the industry” for money to go toward new games instead of replacing fight sticks every console generation.

In fact, NetherRealm Studios licensed the driver necessary for this functionality from Lab Zero themselves, showcasing some great cross-developer collaboration.
These details were first shared during today’s broadcast and later confirmed by creative director Ed Boon.

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