Here are some of the best Street Fighter IV PC mods we could find, most of them are featured on Deviantart by different artists.

Ever wondered how it would be to fight with Optimus Prime againts Mystique from X-men? Well here’s your chance, with all these awesome mods for Street Fighter IV. You can download these mods for yourself, and see some of the world warriors transform in pop culture icons, my personal favorite being Link from The Legend of Zelda. Keep in mind that most of these are just character skins, these mods don’t all feature customized move sets.

How to Install these mods?
Cosmetic Mods (skins, and stages)

Create a new directory in your [install dir]patch_ae2_tu1battle directory and name it ‘chara’. Inside that directory, you can create new directories for any character you wish to mod by using their 3-letter name abbreviation. For example, to mod Oni, create a directory named ONI. For Ken, use KEN. Now, anything you drop into those directories will supersede the original files. If you want to remove a mod, just delete it from that directory and it will default back to the older files.

You can do the same thing for stages, just create a new directory name ‘stage’ in the [install dir]patch_ae2_tu1battle directory. It should work the same way.

Modders featured in this article: Salimano3, MaesterLee, Monkeygigabuster, Kenji490, Siegfried129, and Khaledantar666

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