The plot thickens in this thrilling new episode of Dontnod’s Life is strange, join Max and her time shifting powers in the Gorgeous Arcadia Bay, where she starts to experiment with her power and begins to wonder if it is related to her visions or the weird snow from the day before.

Episode 1 was a great intro to this epic tale about 18 year old Max who has gained the power to rewind time. At the end we saw that a huge event is about to happen, darkened skies, a tornado, things are getting worse in a short period of time.

This time Out of Time does deliver on character bonding and character development, you will create a bond with your long lost childhood friend Chloe, Get entwined in Kate’s life, a life in which Kate doesn’t feel like she belongs. In episode 1 I didn’t get the feeling that characters mattered, only Max was important, this resulted in a lack of interest for supporting characters like; Chloe, Kate, Warren, even the douche Nathan.

Out of Time set things right, you’ll thicken the bond with Chloe, even if it’s through showing of your powers in a “guess what’s in my pocket” game and bottle shooting. You’ll learn that there’s more to Chloe than first expected, you’ll see a girl who lost herself through losing her best friend, Max when she moved away. Chloe struggled to get her life back while her mom married a complete moron, she found a new friend in Rachel, who now has been missing for quite some time.

On the other side you struggle with Kate, Kate is a good Christian girl who struggles with events that happened to her, there is a viral video of her kissing multiple guys, and for that is being branded school slut. You’ll try to support Kate and offer her your friendship, once she trusts you she will tell you that there’s more to the story than we know, she didn’t remember any of the deeds on video, last she remembers is being at a party where she felt sick, another classmate offered to bring her to the E.R. but she never got there. You can feel the pain Kate endures, and even if it’s not mentioned, you can only guess about what happened to her, either way you wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone.


Out of Time gives us so much more than the first episode, we discover a new “power”, when we need it most, Max can not only rewind time, but discovers she can freeze time in trying to save someone dear to her. Out of Time starts with some typical events , but soon starts to build the tension and strange events start to happen, getting worse every minute. In the end you’ll wonder if you could have done more, could have done things different. We discover the downside to Max’s power and in doing so gives you a sickening feeling of guilt, couldn’t Max have used her powers for better things than guessing what’s in someone’s pocket?



good Hard choices
good Characters have meaning
good Development of Powers

bad Lip sync is bad
bad The dialogue isn’t always good
bad Voice acting could have been done better




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