A year after the Final Fantasy X-X2 HD remake on PS3 and Vita came out, Square Enix delivers an even better remaster for PS4, return to Spira and relive one of the best JRPG’S.

Final Fantasy X originally released in 2001 and was one of the best games out on the PS2, for years many JRPG’S tried to top FFX but failed in doing so. Last year the brilliant minds at Square Enix released an HD version of FFX and FFX2, giving us an timeless masterpiece with updated graphics and sound. Reaching out to old fans of the series and a complete new generation of gamers as well. The HD Remaster was received good by both journalists, fans, and other gamers, FFX was one of the best JRPG’S on the PS2 and now is one of the best JRPG’S for the PS3. With improved graphics, a new soundtrack, trophy support you name it, it was all there.


FFX-X2 HD Remaster is the first time the main Final Fantasy series reaches the PS4, although we already have Type-0HD but that’s not one of the main FF titles, FFX and X2 for the PS4 feature an even more polished version than we already saw on the PS3 and the Vita, a Remaster of an Remaster you might say.

You can now acces your save games from the PS3 and Vita and load them into the PS4 game, so you can cntinue the journey you started on last-gen consoles.While the games graphics have indeed improved upon the PS3 version, just slightly may I add, most of the added graphics went to the main characters and environment and left out the supporting characters and NPC’s, the contrast between them is just too big in my opinion, the game however is now playable in Full 1080p and features both the old school soundtrack and the remastered soundtrack. Unfortunately the game is just the same, as is what you could expect from a Remaster, this makes me think is the PS4 Remaster worth its money?



good Stable 1080P
good Added original Soundtrack
good Great amount of gameplay for the value

bad Not much has improved upon the PS3 version
bad Story remains a bit silly
bad NPC’s are clumsy


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