After a long wait we could finally continue our adventure with Max and Chloe, Max has these Strange powers which lets her rewind time. The events which took place in Episode 2 needed some of these time rewinding powers, but instead left us with an ultimate cliffhanger. Now the time has finally come to continue this amazing tale.

In Episode 3 Chaos Theory you’ll be as always playing as Max the time controller. This time the focus is more on the personal lives of both Max and Chloe, the story takes a few steps back from the apocalypse that’s most definitely coming to Arcadia Bay. Max and Chloe want to dig deep into Rachell’s disappearing and follow up on some new leads, while doing this they still are teenagers of course and do some random stupid stuff.

You’ll get to know Chloe a little better, and her family history. Chloe wasn’t always this punk rock bitch that has to wake and bake every morning, at one time she was just an innocent kid, what gruesome event caused all these changes in her life? Well as you may already know it’s mostly her stupid stepdad, and the loss of her real father.

Ass Chaos Theory comes to its conclusion you’ll discover an all new power, the power to transport your 18 year old consciousness to your younger body, this means you could alter time, but should you? Well as with most teenagers, why would she do anything logical and responsible, so she changes the past. The aftermath is quite disturbing and in doing so gives us one of the best moments in Life is Strange.

good New power
good Amazing cliffhanger
good Even deeper character bonding than previous Episodes

bad Graphics could have been better
bad Dialogue feels clumsy sometimes
bad The wait for episode 4 is long



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