The Ultimate version of the world’s greatest Fighting game exclusively on the PS4, but slightly worse than the original. With all the DLC costumes and the promise to be the official game of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Believe me I’m an huge Street Fighter fan and couldn’t wait to play Ultra Street Fighter IV on the PS4, especially because Street Fighter V will not be released before 2016. Just like with other Franchises their ports Ultra Street Fighter IV was not ported by Capcom itself but by Other Ocean an Indie developer responsible for the Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection, which wasn’t a huge success,Capcom took a risk and it didn’t went they way we all expected.

The game features some game breaking bugs like, Input Lag, nerved moves, sound glitches etc. One of the more irritating one in my opinion is the fact that the start screen says “Press Start” While the PS4 doesn’t feature an “Start” button, instead the PS4 has an “Option” button, these sort of mistakes are not forgivable, it’s just plain stupid.
While a lot of players report these bugs I only encountered a few, like the sound glitch where the background FX, overpowers the character sounds. Glitches like Guile’s invisible Sonic Boom haven’t occurred during my time playing USFIV at all, happy me.

There is an huge amount of content in the game and features everything a Street Fighter fan and player would like and hope for with modes like, Arcade Mode, Trials, Ultra Trials, and of course online mode. All the DLC costumes are in this version even the latest ones like the Wild Costumes, every character is in the Ultra Version bringing the total to 44 great playable characters. For more info on the content included in USFIV check here. USFIV supports your Fight Sticks you allready own from your PS3 Era and they work just fine on the PS4.

USFIV on the PS4 would replace the previous versions at some of the bigger events like EVO 2015 and of course the Capcom Pro Tour, for now they have switched back to the last-gen consoles.
I still had a great time playing USFIV but for now I would rather play my PS3 version of the game due to the glitches and problems it has. Both Capcom and Sony have stated that they are working on the issues, and with Capcom’s excellent services through the past years I have no doubt that they will deliver on their promise, but I can’t help but think this all could have been avoided just by porting the game their selves, or an developer with some experience in Fighting Games.

Other Ocean under delivered on some of the most important parts of the game, but let’s be honest USFIV is all about them Hadoken’s and Tigger Uppercut’s. I had a Blast playing through arcade mode with some of my favorite fighters and during the arcade mode I didn’t have much issues with glitches and such. I might have spent more hours on the Arcade mode than I would have just because I wanted to watch every prologue and epilogue Anime of my favorite fighters. This is what Street Fighter is for me an homage to my childhood heroes and despite the glitches and poorly, poorly, poorly, mistake of the start screen, this is what makes Street Fighter an one of a kind fighting game, deep and great characters.

good Huge amount of content
good Huge cast of fighters
good Great Arcade Mode

bad game breaking bugs
bad irritating start screen
bad The game is better on last-gen

Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4 is out now at a price of $24.99

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