Dear readers are you ready to embark on an amazing journey into Gotham City, a place already familiar to us, seen from an completely new perspective? Fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be a bumpy ride, a ride in the stylish new Batmobile nevertheless. This is how it happened. This is how The Batman died.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the third game created by Rocksteady in the Batman: Arkham trilogy, a trilogy that started with Batman: Arkham Asylum in August of 2009. I remember seeing some gameplay of Arkham: Asylum and immediately there was this urge to want this game so badly. Arkham: Asylum was one of the best comic based videogames out there, and from day one I was a fan of the series. In October 2011 the Amazing Arkham: City released, man this game was even greater than Asylum. It featured some great villains, awesome side missions, a huge city at our disposal, more gadgets, more takedowns, more Batman, more of everything.

The Arkham series that was supposed to be a trilogy became more than that, when Warner bros games Montreal released their own Arkham Origins. Origins told us the story of how Batman became Batman. It’s supposed to be one of the Bats early crime fighting days, and features some first encounters with villains and Anti-heroes we love. Despite being a good game Origins missed something, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I think it’s the heart and soul Rocksteady have been putting into the Arkham series from the get-go.

Now the time has come to end this Trilogy, Rocksteady has given us all in this great apotheosis. The Arkham Knight has risen and delivers on all fronts. The Story is one of a kind and features some of the best story telling in modern-day videogames, the gameplay has been improved and features some new great add ons. This is truly the way to end a trilogy, Arkham Knight had his hands firm around my neck and with every inch of story progression, they tightened their grip, until I had the feeling I couldn’t breath anymore. As the Story reaches its climax my longs fill themselves with air once more and I am finally able to breathe again.

Keep in mind that some mild spoilers could make their way in the next part of the review, if you’re not comfortable with some mild spoilers I would advise not to read the rest of this article.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set after the events of Batman: Arkham City, Gotham seems to have started anew and peace is around the corner. As you should know by now Batman put an end to the Joker in Arkham: City, in doing so Batman returned peace to Gotham City, with the Joker out of the way there isn’t any immediate threat. The games starts with one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my whole life, putting the control in my hands made this even more gruesome. As you say goodbye to an old friend somewhere else a lesser evil set his plans to control Gotham in motion. Scarecrow with his upgraded and georgeous looking character model has released some of his characteristic fear gas in an disclosed location in Gotham, spreading fear across the city.

Arkham Knight features some of the greatest villains seen in Batman History varying from ; The Scarecrow, The Riddler, Penguin, and Two Face, to some of the lesser known like Firefly, Man-Bat, and Professor Pyg. There is a broad range of these lesser villains which you can arrest by completing some of the many side missions featured in Batman: Arkham Knight. Some of these villains require you to go deep, like The Riddler, The Riddler like in previous batman games has hidden trophies and riddles across Gotham city, however this time he has added some racetracks which you have to complete to progress in his side mission.

Speaking about racetracks, Batman: Arkham Knight has added the Batmobile to your broad range of gadgets, the Batmobile is essential to progress into the story and side missions, this may feel a bit forced at the beginning, however after some hours into Gotham City and Batmobile it grows on you and the Batmobile doesn’t feel forced anymore, it feels like an extension of yourself and just a new added gadget with which you can play and use to your own benefit.

The Batmobile has two modes in which it operates, one is for racing and transportation the other is used in battle and is called battlemode, in this mode Batman has a broad range of weapons, he has a Vulcan gun, 60 MM cannons, EMP, Drone Hacking, and missiles. Some nice details are added in my opinion to the way the weapons act on the 2 different types of enemies, since we are Batman we have a reputation to not kill, with a press of a button you can fire a 60MM Cannon and this surely blows a hole in the drones(Tanks, Heavy vehicles) but once you aim it at an human the Batmobile doesn’t fire a 60MM projectile but instead fires stun bullets. When you drive around in your awesome Batmobile there are some thugs roaming the city and it could unfortunately happen that one of these thugs is in the way of your driving skills, when the Batmobile hits a thug it electrocutes him and leaves him stunned, isn’t that nice!


The main baddie in this game is Scarecrow, Scarecrow wants to indulge the City of Gotham with his fear gas, in doing so he is aided by The Arkham Knight, a character created by rocksteady and DC Comics specific for the Arkham Series, I don’t want to spoil the fun of unmasking him, although I know you would like that, hell even I want to talk about it as much as I can, but let’s say it’s an amazing ride until the unmasking.


Gotham is not only filled with villains trying to destroy the city or Batman, Gotham is also filled with even more great heroes and associates. In Arkham Knight you are aided by the always charming Oracle, Oracle also known as Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Police commissioner Jim Gordon and allie to Batman, Oracle plays a big part in the story and an even bigger part in the Upcoming Batgirl DLC which is planned for an 14th of July release. Other friends include Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman, Lucius Fox, and as always Alfred.

Introduced in Arkham Knight is Dual play which lets you control another character during some instances, these characters include, Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing. While you fight a huge group of thugs you can press a single button to do a Dual takedown and switch to the supporting character, this is actually pretty sweet and looks amazing. More characters could be coming in future DLC, let’s hope so!

Batman being the man he is has witnessed and have done more than any of us could have imagined, in doing so I believe he has gotten the person we all love, and some of us fear. In Arkham Knight not every fight is a huge boss fight or epic standout between comic book characters we love. Some of these fights are fought within ourselves and maybe even within the Batman himself, is right really right? Could right be wrong? What we have done to save lives? All these questions so few are answered. I believe this inner struggle is one of the greatest underlying story aspects of Batman: Arkham Knight, and maybe, just maybe we could be in for a surprise!

good Strong story
good Great voice acting
good Batmobile is a great new feature

bad All riddles are needed for a true ending
bad PC version has issues
bad It’s the End of the Arkham trilogy



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