They finally did it, they’ve replaced “Press Start” with “Press Options” Epic win for us, or not! The patch also adresses some sound bugs and many other issues we have been dealing with since launch.

patch 1.04 contains the following changes adjustments:

“Skip” function mapped to Cross button during cinematics
Default character costume colors 11 & 12 are now unlocked
Anisotropic filtering improved on all stages and characters
Antialiasing added on all stages and characters
Reduced pixilation on various UI elements
Multiple audio balancing fixes
Addressed multi-hit audio issues
Increased resolution of visual effects
Sonic Boom graphical fix
Fixed multiple localization and font issues
Improved save functionality performance
“Press Start” replaced with “Press Options”*

* Note that “Press Start” isn’t a bug — it was originally left in intentionally as a tribute to Street Fighter IV’s arcade roots, but due to players’ requests, we have changed it to “Press Options.”


So as mentioned before I really had personal issues with the “Press Start” screen, as you may have just read, this wasn’t a bug, or lazy programming, it was an homage to Street Fighter’s Arcade roots, I feel terrible now, really terrible. If they had just stated that before I would have a completely different view on the matter, now I feel terrible they took it out. So to Capcom my sincere apologies.

Source: Capcom Unity

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