Yoshinori Ono adresses the Warner Brothers Games Summit in Brazil, with this funny video of him showing of a brand new stage for Street Fighter V and even more!

As seen in the video the new stage is set in brazil, it looks stunning and shows great depth in the background, this is probably one of the most gorgeous looking stages so far for Street Fighter.
Ono also teased a a new character reveal being planned for Brazil Games Show 2015 taking place October 8-12.

“But wait… if we have a Brazilian stage in the game that means…,” He said while he was wearing a Blanca suit which strongly hints at a character reveal for Blanca, but keep in mind Ono is a huge troll so this could mean a completely different character. He continues “Everyone might have already guessed it, but please look forward to Brazil Game Show. We’ll be announcing a new character there!” which even more amplifies the possibility of Blanca.

Street Fighter V’s store reportedly takes place after Street Fighter III which could mean that Sean is the one being revealed in October, Sean is originally from Brazil and lives in the city, a city looking quite similar to the stage Ono showed.

I don’t care if its Sean, Blanca, or a brand new character just give us more, only 92 days left untill Brazil Game Show and a new character reveal!

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