This weekend EVO 2015, the worlds greatest Fighting game tournament, takes place. During this event Capcom held a Street Fighter V panel giving us some more information on the upcoming Fighting Game.

First and foremost, Street Fighter V will feature a brand new service-based approach with regards to post-launch content. With this approach come several key changes to our content strategy:

The initial release is the only disc you will ever need to own
All balance and system adjustments will be available for free
All post-launch gameplay related content will be earnable for free by playing the game

Street Fighter V will be the first iteration in the franchise where it is possible for dedicated players to earn all gameplay related content (such as characters) for FREE, simply by playing the game. Long gone are the days of forced Super and Ultra upgrades! Enjoy free balance updates as soon as they become available, and find and choose the post-launch characters that you want to get.


Street Fighter V will launch with a core roster of 16 playable characters, with 4 of them being brand new fighters to the Street Fighter universe. Post-launch, Capcom will be adding new characters to the roster on a continuous basis, which will provide new content for players to enjoy. Again, every post-launch character released will be earnable for free through gameplay!

Players also have more freedom in their decisions, as they only need to purchase or earn the content that appeals to them. This will also create more long-term engagement, because the more you play the game, the more you are rewarded and can earn new content. The player base is never shrunk by requiring a paid update like in years past. Players can take a break from the game, but then come back at any time and continue to play with the characters they already own, with the newest gameplay balance.


Cap com is able to execute this service-based model by introducing an in-game economy to Street Fighter V. There are two types of currency that make the economy go round:

Fight Money
This is basic currency that players earn through playing the game. Once players accumulate enough Fight Money, they can use it to earn new post-launch gameplay content, such as characters, for free!
This is premium currency that players can purchase with real money to immediately gain access to post-launch content.

That’s some great news on the game we all love, most content and updates will come for free, and if you don’t want to struggle with matches and all before you can play with the character you desire you could always buy it.

Once more information on Street Fighter V sees the light we will keep you updated.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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