We have had a wonderful time at Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, one of the game present at the show floor, for me the most important game, was Street Fighter V. The build present at Gamescom featured both Necalli and Vega.

Most of our playtime was during the morning while the visitors were waiting outside and we could take our time with Street Fighter V. The build at Gamescom had all nine announced characters available ; Birdie, Cammy, Chun-Li, Ken, M Bison, Nash, Necalli, Ryu, and Vega. While we already had some hands on time with the previous build which excluded Ken, Necalli, and Vega. Still we wanted to try out the characters available in the previous build.


Ken is one of my favorites in the Street Fighter franchise I have played him from the very beginning when he was first playable in Street Fighter II (1991). Ken has gotten a new look in Street Fighter V which I kinda like. Ken’s overall gameplay is for the most part the same as it has always been, with some few changes to his normals. His Critical Arts is actually pretty sweet but has a bit of a small range to it.



Necalli is a new Character to the Street Fighter franchise, he looks feral and brutal which transfers to his play style. I personally didn’t like Necalli, but maybe when we have had more time to play with him my opinion would change.



Vega is one of the original characters featured in Street Fighter II (1991) and in my eyes is world famous for his appartement battle with Chun-Li in the Animated Movie. Vega is an agile and fast character, maybe even faster than Cammy. We have put Vega and Chun-LI in the ring to give Vega a chance to redemption.


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The Street Fighter V booth looked amazing and featured a living room style set-up which is great. You have the option to play with the standard Sony DS4 or upgrade to the Mad Catz T.E. 2 for a more arcade feel to it. We have had a great time with the game we love at Gamescom 2015, make sure to check it out yourself if you’re attending Gamescom this weekend.

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