Mafia 3 made its debut last week at Gamescom 2015 and while most of the world only saw the amazing first trailer for Mafia III, the 2K team present at Gamescom showed us half an hour of mafia III gameplay. Let’s find out what I, someone who dislikes GTA like games, has to say about this demo.

Protagonist Lincoln Clay grew up orphaned and just returned from combat in Vietnam, Lincoln found a sense of family in the black mob before the Italian mob double-crossed and murdered them all. As with every family fued Lincoln is on a quest to take revenge. In your Quest for vengeance you’re assisted by three luitenants whom Lincoln recruits, and whose services you can call upon to hire muscle to bring along on a mission, call off the cops, or provide other criminal assistance. One of these luitenants is Vito, the protagonist from Mafia II. Mafia III is set in New Orleans in 1986 and the city is pulsing with energy.

The Demo shows off some of the key features of Mafia III and sets the setting and feel for the game. For someone who absolutely dislikes GTA and GTA style games I’m actually really amazed by the demo. I’m glad they chose a different type of Mob this time around, eventhough Lincoln is affiliated to the Black Mob, it seems that there now is a thin line between the different Mobs, I’m done with the whole italian thing.

The game shows off the main goal of the game, regaining territory and in doing so wreak havoc. The reveal concentrates on a mission in an underground jazz bar run by rival criminals. Which is truly amazing because we sat in replica of this bar during this demo, Clay must first track down some members of said drug boss’s crew and interrogate them at gunpoint, gathering intel allows you to scope out a mission before diving in, so you can take different approaches to it. While in mission stealth is one option to go to and while doing stealth the takedowns in this game are super violent, which I like a lot. Sneak takedowns involve Clay stabbing people several times in the gut, throat or face with an enormous Rambo like knife. While seeing the demo I got the feeling that Lincoln is unkillable and even god like, Lincoln absorbed bullets like it was nothing and while dishing out some takedowns and shooting people in the face everything exploded around him, he didn’t even flinch .The demo felt so intense and well just awesome.

While previous Mafia games and actually ever GTA like game weren’t my thing, Mafia III has peaked my interest I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m a fanboy now but I’m curious about the future of this game. Mafia III promises to become one of the better open world gangster games and looks pretty amazing. The setting and city are a interesting choice and one that’s working out just perfectly at the moment. I’m really interested in the stoy as I’m a story crazy gamer.

Mafia III will release somewhere in 2016 and I’m actually kinda excited for Mafia III.

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