Thanks to Guerilla Games Cosplay is now made easy for cosplayers interested in cosplaying the heroine Aloy from upcoming Playstation exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. During the Siggraph 2015 event, Andrew Schneider Head of the FX-department at Guerrilla Games, gave a workshop called ‘The Real-Time Volumetric Cloudscapes of Horizon: Zero Dawn’which featured some great Images and the Guide.

Now on to the Cosplay part, Guerilla Games have released a Aloy Cosplay Guide. In the guide you’ll get an understanding of how Aloy should look and act, you’ll have detailed information on her Hair, her quiver, her bow, her Bracers, Pouches, Collar etc..

Is this the start of other developers publishing similar Guides, and even more important is this the start of better looking Cosplay, with a guide like this it’s pretty easy to come up with an accurate costume. Hopefully Guerilla Games will start a new trend for publishers and developers to release guides to becoming your favorite character, Cosplay is a big deal afterall and free advertising for your game is always welcome.

You can find the guide below which will guide you through the whole process of becoming Aloy.

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