Mafia 3 was just recently revealed. Developed by Hanger 13, a brand new studio. Mafia is a franchise that is close to my heart. When I was young, Mafia was one of the games my father’s old Pentium 3 was able to run. Mafia appeared just moments after Grand Theft Auto 3 and took the open world genre to the next level along (for the time) compelling visuals and story. It was one of those games I could play for hours on end.

It was long rumored a new chapter in the Mafia franchise was in the works, but it took over eight years for it to see the light of day. While I liked playing Mafia 2, It wasn’t as memorable to me as the first game was. I platinumed it, but after that, I was pretty much done with the game. I can’t say it was a letdown, but it’s not on my all-time favorites list either. My favorite moment? The tie-in with the first game, killing Tommy D’Angelo.

Onwards, Mafia 3 has been announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gamegeekz got to see some very exclusive behind the scenes gameplay of Mafia 3. The game is now sporting a new logo. This could mean the game is departing from the old style a bit more i.a. mafia now takes place in the 60’ies, departs from the Sicilian gangster type of Mafia. Hanger 13 tries something new and that’s appreciated. Afro American organized crime. No, this is not your regular San Andreas copy.

The game does, however, looks very similar to the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. I can’t really say if that’s bad or good at this point in time. While the HUD may be still work in progress, it was directly copied from GTA 5. All these things made sure the game lost some sort of uniqueness. How it’s played though, looks way more promising. This game focusses on action: violence and brutality. Our main character’s family has been killed and now we’re out on revenge, building our own family. Some characters from Mafia 2 make their return. We saw developers overtake a diner and upon completion they assigned the building to one of our generals. Taking over the city block by block.

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