It is finally happening, Capcom has announced that a Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming. With the previous released Resident Evil 1 HD remake, and the still to come Resident Evil 0 HD we will finally have the opening acts of the Mansion and Raccoon City incidents on our beloved new generation of consoles.

Fans have been asking for an RE2 remake for years now, and Capcom has now finally confirmed one is coming. However, as Yoshiaki Hirabayashi mentions in the video, we’re learning this news practically as fast as it happens, so further updates from Capcom may take some time, but who cares the game is coming!

The project is in development at Capcom’s R&D Division 1, with Yoshiaki Hirabayashi leading the charge. Hirabayashi also was the producer on this year’s remake of the original Resident Evil.
For now we just have to be happy that the RE2R is coming, in the mean time we could always wait for the Resident Evil 0, a remastered version of the popular prequel to the original Resident Evil game, which is coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in early 2016.


No release date has been set for the Resident Evil 2 remake, once more information sses the light we will keep you updated.

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