In the latest episode of DC Movie News, Jon Schnepp (The Death Of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?) broke some big news on who’s directing the sequel to Man Of Steel.

“George Miller, he’s doing Man of Steel 2.” and went on: “Obviously Zack Snyder is doing Justice League 1 and 2, we already got James Wan doing Aquaman – Waterman I think they should change the title– but yeah I think George Miller is a perfect choice to do Man of Steel 2, he’s going to bring so much to it.”


George Miller is of course best known for bringing us the Mad Max franchise. The funny thing about this announcement is that George Miller was actually supposed to do a Justice League movie about a decade ago, but that project never really took off. Now it looks like George Miller gets to helm a huge DC project after all, and a part of the DC Cinematic Universe at that.

It should be noted that there is no official confirmation for this yet, but Jon Schnepp is not the type of person to spread rumors without having a credible source.

Watch the episode of DC Movie News where the announcement was made below:

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