After the successful SFV online stress tests in both Europe and Asia last week, Capcom announces upcoming stress tests for North and South America.

The date and times for these stress tests are:

8/25 (TUE) 4pm~midnight PT
8/26 (WED) 4pm~midnight PT

Once the stress tests are successfully completed in North and South America Capcom will announce the dates and times of the official five-day global beta test.

Please note that although Capcom anticipates these tests to run smoother than before, there may still be issues experienced by some users. All data received during each of the stress tests will help Capcom improve the online experience moving forward, and Capcom appreciates your understanding and support. Please make sure to follow @SFVServer on Twitter, as Capcom will be posting updates regarding the online server status there if any issues arise.

Additionally, Capcom recommends following the two pointers below to achieve the best online experience:

Wired internet connections provide more stable speeds than Wi-Fi, so use a wired connection if you can.
Avoid downloading files in the background while playing, as it takes up bandwidth and slows your connection.

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