Ver. 1.05 is now live for Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4, making the best version of the game even better. check out below what changes are made in USFIV!

It has been a while sinds the PS4 version of USFIV had an update, now Ver 1.05 is live and features some small cosmetic improvements, audio fixes and more. The file which is up for download as we speak is 556.7MB in size and contains the following changes:

– Fixed bug which displayed incorrect fonts

– Modified Country/Region flags‘

– Player Name’ header has been replaced with ‘Online ID’

– Endless Battle titles now properly update

– Removed any Ranking filters that are not USFIV

– Online Training host settings changes no longer prompt a message ID

– Audio fix for Rufus’ battle intro cinematic

– Audio fix for menu transitioning background music

– Fixed issue with black squares appearing in lobby names

– Multiple Game Manual changes

– PRESS START has been replaced by PRESS OPTIONS for all languages

– System message to prompt users on how to resolve a lack of free HDD space now appears

– RealTimeMultiplay call now triggers in all appropriate locations

– Chat Restrictions have been modified during fight request features

– PlayStation(R)Network has been replaced with Playstation(tm)Network

Ultra Street Fighter IV is available digitally for PlayStation 4 over on PlayStation Network.

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