R. Mika who has joined the Street Fighter V roster last Friday is said to be the first fully grappling character in Street Fighter V.

Rainbow Mika also known as R. Mika is primarily a grappling character in the Street Fighter Alpha 3 game, whose main weapons are high-priority command throws. Unlike most grapplers in the Street Fighter series , Mika is fast and agile. She also has a pretty high and quick jump, and walks swiftly. Mika’s normal attacks are diverse and useful, but aside from two command throws her specials are not too impressive, so they must be used as a vital part of play strategy. How will she play in Street Fighter V?

Associate producer Peter “Combofiend” Rosas provided some details on R. Mika’s development and how she has transitioned to Street Fighter V.

“It’s so funny because in the Alpha series, she was seen as kinda weak. I thought she had potential but nobody was really digging her. But now, she’s out, she’s been redesigned, and she’s a serious contender. I think she has all the tools to beat all the characters in the game.”

R. Mika has all the tools available to fill the role of a typical grappler role in fighting games. with her V-trigger and Critical Arts R. Mika also brings her tag-team partner Nadeshiko to the fight as well, allowing her to set up some nasty mixups and traps. As rumored, players will be able to choose the assist timing as well as what side Nadeshiko comes out on.

“She is [Street Fighter V’s] first full grappler,”

“I mean, she has some decent buttons. So, the idea here is, of course we want to make sure every character is a threat outside of their defined way to play. A grappler, generally speaking, has decent pokes and good command throws. Since her command grabs are a little slower than your typical SPD startup, her normals are a little better, so she can get in, she can play footsies, but she’s way offensive. Sorry, not way offensive, it’s more methodicaloffensive.”

Rosas also talked about how Street Fighter V has changed as a whole since the first playable demo.

“There’s been slight speed adjustments, and we also made some adjustments to how V-Trigger is activated. We’ve really been looking at the game from E3 until now and are constantly making adjustments. When the game finally drops, when people do pick it up, it will definitely have more adjustments made to it than we’ve even seen here.”

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