More details have been revealed on R. Mika and her refined arsenal of pro wrestling moves. R. Mika who joined the SFV roster last Friday still holds some secrets, except for her admiration for the legendary “Red Cyclone” Zangief.

The people over at 4gamer have revealed some more info Rainbow Mika who will be joining the SFV roster. You can find the information on R. Mika below:

The unique and popular Rainbow Mika enters the fray in Street Fighter V! Check out her refined arsenal of pro wrestling moves and her looks!

Rainbow Mika, the Rainbow Bomber

Real name Mika Nanakawa. She admires the legendary “Red Cyclone” Zangief and earnestly aspires to become a professional wrestler.



Height: 168 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Job/Affiliation: Female wrestler
Likes: Zangief’s pro wrestling, special training (Beach running, finger push-ups, neck bridges)

V-Trigger: Nadeshiko from the Front

Mika’s wrestling rival Nadeshiko makes an entrance! Depending on the directional input, Nadeshiko from Behind and Nadeshiko from Above, changing from where she appears.


V-Skill: Nekketsu Mic Performance (“Zealous Mic Performance”)

Mika speaks on the mic! After the performance the damage of her next throw move is increased, but the damage increases further as you hold the buttons to continue speaking.


Special Move: Shooting Peach

Mika aims for the opponent with a butt attack! The jump distance changes based on the light, medium and heavy versions. Just like it looks it’s a great pushing move to pressure the opponent.



Special Move: Rainbow Typhoon

Mika grabs the opponent by the feet, spins them and tosses them in this giant swing throw. Try to combine her wealth of throw moves and strikes.



Critical Art: Badly Peach

Mika and Nadeshiko work in perfect sync in this Critical Art! The two combine their power and squish the launched opponent with a double hip attack! The damage and visuals are exceptional!

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