…or does he?


A few weeks ago we reported about General Zod’s appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now it seems Michael Shannon’s earlier comments were just him having a bit of fun:

“I wasn’t there. It’s a really awkward situation—I’m in the trailer for a movie that I didn’t work on.”

Shannon adds he did do voice-over work for Batman v. Superman, but didn’t suit up: “I went over and did some voice-over stuff because it’s like that ghost thing. But I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that. I get very nervous.”

About his earlier comments Shannon says: “Somebody was asking me about this in New York and I made up some ridiculous bullshit answer about how my character Zod has flippers, and this went viral on the Internet or something and people have been asking me about that,” Shannon said with a baffled smile. “That is so obviously a complete bullshit story, right? But people took it seriously.”

And he went on: “Maybe they should add it, I don’t know! Maybe in Part 3, Doomsday will have flipper hands. I mean, look—nothing would make me happier than to work with Zack [Snyder] again, he’s hysterical and he’s a lot of fun to work with.” 

So what do you think? Did Shannon indeed come clean this time or is he just messing with the audience (again)?


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