When Cammy was first announced and shown in the Street Fighter V trailer during this years E3 announcement, people online in Japan were not happy with the Cammy’s new look. Now after the release of yesterdays Battle Costume, they are hyped again.


As website Hachima Kikou noted at the time of the announcement, Cammy’s SFV character design was called “exceedingly ugly” online in Japan. Cammy’s face featured a more angular design, Cammy looked noticeable different than her previous Street Fighter incarnations, which had large eyes and rounder features. The design for Cammy used in the announcement of the pre-orde costumes offered a new look for cammy, not just her costume but also her face looks different. She now has a more round face and even bigger eyes than before, will this be the final design for Cammy?

battlecammy 2

Is this the result of Capcom listening to their Community or is there a completely other reason for this change, better yet is the change only vissible when you use the new costume or is it her overall design that changed? Time will tell.

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