With only six launch characters left for SFV to be revealed and just a few upcoming events who will be joinging the SFV roster next and when?

Keep in mind these are all rumors with some back up information.


The above launch roster was revealed during evo and since then Vega, necalli an R. Mika have been announced bringing the Roster to 10 fighters. With just 6 more Launch fighters left the possibilities are endless and so are the rumors.

As we mentioned before Ono San will be attending Games 15 in Dubai and promises some news on SFV, maybe a new character or stage, my guess would be that Capcom will probably announce a brand new character for SFV there. That leaves us with five more characters of which 2 are brand new, 2 from the Original cast and 1 returning character from previous installments. Ono San made a similar statement a while back when he teased the Brasil stage. He mentioned he would bring an announcement to the Brazilian game show, and strongly hinted at his personal favorite Blanka.


With the reveals down to 4 characters at which events could these be announced? A safe bet is the Capcom Cup finale which will take place during the Playstation experience 2015, we also have the Tokyo Game Show where Street Fighter V is part of the Capcom lineup, Paris Game Week, and more.

With only 2 spots for original characters left, one of them being the rumored Blanka, who will fill in the gap? It’s a safe bet they will use Street Fighter II characters, the characters left are; E. Honda, guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, balrog and Sagat. I for one hope Sagat will be in the launch roster but, a safer bet would be E. Honda or Dhalsim.

There’s 1 spot left for a returning character and while the possibilities are endless I believe this could be Alex or Oro from the third Street Fighter.

Alex looks like he fits in with the cast just fine! (fake art)

Alex looks like he fits in with the SFV cast just fine! (fake fan concept art)

What do you guys think? Will we see a brand new character revealed next week during Dubai Games 2015? Are we going to see Blanka being added to the roster during the Brasil Games Show in oktober? Share your thoughts, hopes and dreams in the comments below.

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