Are you guys eager to share your SFV Beta experience with Capcom? I know I am!

I had a great time with the Street Fighter V beta but, I believe there’s much room for improvement in both service and gameplay. Capcom has launched a Survey for the SFV beta and those who want to share their piece of mind are welcome to do so. The questions range from what kind of buggs you encountered to which V-skill was easy.

Capcom would like to collect your feedback regarding your experience with the official SFV beta survey. Much like how playing matches in the beta provided us with excellent information regarding our servers and netcode, this survey will provide us with important feedback towards the characters and battle system.

The survey will close on 9/13 (Sunday) so be sure to take it as soon as you can. Please be sure to answer the survey as truthfully as possible as the information collected may affect the final product. 

I shared my opinion, are you going to share yours? Participating in the survey can be done here!


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