Ono San has come to twitter to yet again tease an SFV announcement for the Dubai Games 2015 show on September 11, 2015. 

Last week Ono San said he and Blanka (his favorite little figurine) will come to the Dubai Games 2015 show to bring some SFV news, now he teases something that looks like a new SFV character’s attack.





While he does cover the new SFV character with his beloved Blanka figurine it’s safe to say that he or she has a purple/pink glow to his/her attacks. This could be a number of characters like; Juri, Poison, Decapre, Akuma, Rose and more. It could also hint at a brand new character for SFV which would be my best guess since there are still 3 character slots open for newcomers to the series.

Hopefully we will see who it is this Friday during Dubai Games 2015 show SFV announcement.

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