With the results of First Attack and Manila Cup 2015 added to the Players points there are some changes in the global standings of the Capcom pro Tour.


RB|Snake Eyez (USA) who came in second at First Attack 2015 played the Grand Finals against Infiltration and earned himself a 15th place in the ranking. Tonpy who won the Manila Cup 2015 and was previously ranked  22nd but will now move on to a shared 11th place with BE|Nemo( Tonpy is 12th), placing himself above Bonchan.

The First place is still rightfully owned by EG|Momochi, the only player coming close to his score is Infiltration who’s won last weekends First Attack.

The Capcom Pro Tour standings have been updated these are the Top 16 as of writing:


There are still 9 Ranking and 9 Premiere events left to add some change to the roster and determine who’s going to compete at the Capcom Cup during the Playstation Experience this December!

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