Legendary trollmaster, Blanka lover and Street Fighter Series executive Producer Yoshinori Ono has arrived in Dubai for the Games 2015 show. Ono San yet again tweeted some images teasing a new announcement During the show.

Ono San probably has been teasing Street Fighter news ever since he was born but, the last few weeks he’s giving us more and more images and hints at what’s next for Street Fighter V. Last week he teased that he will come to Dubai with some SFV News, then he posted a image showing of some sort of character attack which is to be revealed during Dubai Games 2015 this week.

I’m glad he and Blanka had a safe flight and are welcomed in the hot and sunny Dubai, I jsut hope he can contain himself and doesn’t tease to much for the reveal on September 11 during Dubai Games 2015. The new image shows the new character attacking ryu and hitting him with ..something. Could it be Akuma’s Fireball, Juri, Cody, Poison? Share your thoughts below.



Blanka will be going to Dubai for Dubai Game15!! @Pluto_Games @PlayStation_ME #GAMES15


Blanka arrived at Dubai for Dubai Games15! ;D @Pluto_Games @PlayStation_ME #GAMES15


Source: Yoshinori Ono

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