Destiny-subclassDuring this weeks Destiny: The Taken King Crucible Preview Event there are two new Crucible modes available. Over the course of the event we can play; “Rift” and “Mayham”. Rift was added first on September 8 and Mayham will be added over the weekend.


The Rift is a brand new objective-based multiplayer mode in the Crucible and lets two teams of six guardians each trying to attack the opponents Rift. You can attack the Rift by taking control of the “Spark” which has to charge for 15 seconds before you can pick it up. Once you have taken control of the Spark you can start your journey to the enemies Rift.

You can score points in all kinds of ways, taking control of the Spark, Defending the Rift, killing other Guardians and the standard assists and added bonuses for medals like; post mortem, avenger, double down and more. I for one actually like objective-based multiplayer more than the Shoot-and-kill-everything alone or as a team type of modes. With objective-based multiplayer you always have a goal which you can complete and contribute to and of course a part to crash, because in objective-based modes you’ll always run into groups of enemies since these modes rely heavily on teamwork.

The Rift is a fun and much needed addition to the Crucible which offers players a new way of dominating the opponent, in rift you score most points as you pick up the Spark and move your way to the enemies Rift. You can hold the Spark for a full 75 seconds before it explodes and obliterates you, so be fast and move closer to the Rift. For every 25% of the run to the rift( The Spark is in the center so it’s easy to determine what 25% is) you gain 100 points. Once you reach the Rift and you are “Igniting the Rift” the Rift explodes giving you 1.500 points and destroys all nearby defenders. Once one of the teams reach 20.000 points it’s game over and the victor reigns eternally over the galaxy!

I’m not the best shooter player out there, heck I’m not even a decent shooter player, still I can hold my own and manage to score points. Where I have issues with Clash or Rumble I am more comfortable with Control, Rift adds a new mode for me to contribute to. I can score points by defending both the Spark and the Rift, I managed to get hold of the Spark a few times, but didn’t manage to reach the Rift. I actually hoped that since my Sunsinger Warlock can revive himself this would give me more chances to reach the Rift, but instead when I got killed the spark was dropped and reset even tough I revived myself. I can’t wait for rift to be added to the Crucible permanently, gather a whole team of guardians  and destroy the opponents Rift.

The Rift will be a permanent part of the crucible for those who buy The Taken King once The Taken King launches on September 15 just 4 days from now. In the weekend Mayhem will be added to the Crucible as part of Destiny – The Crucible Preview Event.

Last but not least check out this awesome live action trailer!!!


Destiny: The Taken King will launch September 15, 2015 for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360!

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