This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Yakuza series and by the looks of it SEGA will not celebrate it quitely and treats us with a new Yakuza Announcement set for next week. 

The Official Japanese Yakuza Website has uploaded a new Image on their website teasing an announcement on September 15, 2015. The Image is named button-new_title.jpg and hints at something to be announced on September 15, 2015 which is of course the same date as the SCEJA Press conference just before TGS.

The Japanese Yakuza fans are way ahead of us Western Yakuza fans with Yakuza 5 for PS3 releasing later this year in the West while Japanese fans have Yakuza 0 for the PS4 to play. The announcement could be a complete new Yakuza game, a Remaster of one of the older games, or hopefully an announcement for the Western release of Yakuza 0. Whichever turn the announcement takes it’s still more Yakuza for us!

The first Yakuza, also known as Ryu ga Gotoku, launched in 2005 so a HD version of this game on the PS4 would be more than welcome, heck any Yakuza game on the PS4 for Western fans would be awesome. We’ll find out more on September 15, 2015, see you then.

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