During todays presentation at Dubai Games 2015 Rashid was announced for Street Fighter V, Rashid will join the rest of the cast and leaves room for only 5 launch characters reveals.

Yoshinori Ono who was teasing the reveal the past few days finally had the chance to reveal Rashid. SFV Which will release Q1 2016 (presumably March 2016) for both PS4 and PC, the launch roster which with the announcement of Rashid now consists out of 11 World Warriors.

Hailing from the Middle East, Rashid is a fun, easy going individual who has an affinity for technology. Although his fighting style is casual, it’s anything but laid back! Using the power of wind, Rashid is definitely one of the more difficult characters to catch.

V-Skill 1 (MP+MK) – Front Flip

Rashid performs a high flying flip over the opponent. Pressing kick during the Front Flip results in Rashid performing a divekick.

V-Skill 2 (Down+MP+MK) – Rolling Assault

Rashid closes the gap between himself and the opponent with a quick front roll. Pressing kick during Rolling Assault results in Rashid kicking upward at the opponent.

V-Trigger (HP+HK) – Ysaar

Rashid throws out a slow moving whirlwind that closes in on the opponent and causes damage to them if they touch it. While the whirlwind is out, Rashid can use it to increase his movement on any attack that propels him forward.

SFV will release Q1 2016 (presumably March 2016) for both PS4 and PC. A new announcement is set for the Tokyo Game Show next week so stay tuned!

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