image008During TGS 2015 there was a new gameplay video revelaed, showing the lovely and cute Chocobo’s in Final fantasy XV.

During the most recent Active Time Report (ATR), which aired live during Tokyo Game Show 2015,Square Enix revealed more background information about two of the most important characters in final fantasy XV, King Regis and the Brave Luna. Did you know that one of the reasons King Regis showing his age now is because his energy is needed to maintain the shield around Lucis? Like Noctis, his father is from a long line of powerful royals who have the power to summon weapons from thin air. In fact, thanks to their powerful crystal, Lucis is the only kingdom left that hasn’t been conquered by the Niflheim Empire.

Next to more Story background there’s even better news our lovable Chocobo’s are back in Final Fantasy XV! We can ride our lovable Chocobo’s and use them instead of the Car we already saw before. Also included in the video below  is an initial taste of the fishing mini game where whatever you catch can be brought back to camp and cooked for a refreshing meal.

What do you guys think of the Chocobo’s and Fishing mini game?  Let us know in the comments below.

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