For those of you visiting the Firstlook Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands, make sure to visit the Street Fighter V booth at the Sony stand. The Street Fighter V booth features the Tokyo Game Show build of the game, you can check out newcomers Karin, R.Mika and Rashid.

The Firstlook Festival in Utrecht takes place as we speak so for those still going or planning to go, please just go and check out Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V is in my opinion the only game worth visiting during the festival, there are other big games there but they just don’t do it for me. I have spend most of my day playing and visiting the Street Fighter V booth and Street Fighter V is the only game I played at the event.

The Firstlook booth for Street Fighter V looks similar to the one featured at Gamescom but, it’s a bit smaller with only 3 setups. There’s a lot of interest for the game at the event, I have visited the booth 4 times and every time the booth was full of people interested in playing the game, there even were some Ryu cosplayers playing with themselves.

The build featured at the Firstlook Festival is the one from Tokyo Game Show 2015, unfortunately this build didn’t feature Zangief and newcomer Laura Matsuda, but that didn’t spoil the fun we still had a chance to play with Karin, Rainbow Mika, Rashid and everyone present at the Gamescom build. From the three new challengers Rainbow Mika was by far my favorite and I had time to do some matches with her. Overall the Street Fighter V booth at Firstlook was amazing and playing some matches made my whole day. Below you can see some pictures from the booth and witness the hype called Street Fighter!

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