RFDIVThe biggest Fighting Game event in the Netherlands, Red Fight District held October 3rd through the 4th in Amsterdam, has gotten an After Movie, showcasing some of the RFD Magic.

Red Fight District IV, held October 3rd through the 4th in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where MD|Luffy has won yet another Ranking Tournament in the Capcom Pro Tour 2015 season has gotten an after movie. The event hosted by Dutchnoobz and Global Dustributie was a great succes for the Dutch Fighting Game Scene, some of the best International fighters and local heroes attended the tournament showcasing some top level European skills in multiple fighting games (USFIV, MKX, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Marvel VS Capcom 3, Killer Instinct). The video below is a quick recap of the tournament and lets you experience the hype and love which is Red Fight Disctrict IV, “See You Next Year!”

Video Credits Misvids

Special Thanks to: Global Distributie, Dutchnoobz, Capcom and many more for hosting this amazing event!

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