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The Second Street Fighter V beta is a blessing and I’m happy to be part of it again. This time one of my favorite characters, Ken Masters is available and I’m willing to put as much time as possible in this second beta.

I’ve had some time in both training and ranked, not as much as I would want though, and Ken was one of the first characters I wanted to try out, he’s so cool, However, I did also have some fun with Mika. The characters, Ken, Necalli, Mika and Vega, feel a bit like their previous Street Fighter versions, except for Necalli he’s brand-new to the series, but they all have a different vibe, a new move set, beautiful graphics and an overhauled battle system. Street Fighter V might feel different than previous Street Fighter games, but it still delivers on everything that’s Street Fighter!

I had a blast trying to figure out which move could follow up which, this is probably my most favorite part about fighting games. Fooling around with Ken felt so good and the real fun started once I came up with some short combo’s, that in my opinion could be effective in a real match. Trying to increase the damage output on these short and easy to use combo’s is one of the more interesting things to do in training mode, especially since actual matches are really hard to find in the beta. Ken’s V-Trigger adds extra Fire damage to his special moves and his already lethal HP Shoryuken becomes even more deadly, his Hadoken becomes usable and his Tatsu looks cool, his standard HK Tatsu could have crazy potential though.

Ken wasn’t the only character available, I fooled around with the rest of the available characters too, Necalli, Mika and Vega. Unfortunately, non of them could deliver as much fun as Ken did, I have a weak spot for him. There’s still enough time left in the second Street Fighter V beta and I’m going back in as soon as possible! Below you can find footage of me fooling around with the different characters and later today I will try out Rashid, once he’s available and let you know what I think about him.

The Street Fighter V beta servers are down at the moment, but they will be live soon and deliver Rashid to us.

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