sfvmikaheadUnfortunately the second Street Fighter V Beta has ended, we had a great time and hope most of you did as well.

The second Street Fighter V beta which took place between October 21 until October 26 has ended, the beta originally featured Ken, Necalli, Mika, Vega, Rashid and Karin, but Capcom surprised us all by adding the characters from the first beta, Ryu, Nash, Cammy, Birdie, Chun-Li and Bison. After a slow start and spending more time in training mode than in actual fights the beta took a turn for the better and I was able to fight some real opponents in this beta. Keep in mind that this is a beta so errors and issues are part of it.

Capcom had the chance to test their content delivery system thoroughly, which was one of their goals this beta, by adding each character separately. The server downtime scheduled fot October 24 was skipped, which was in my favor since it would’ve ment a complete day without the beta, and everything went rather smooth, there were some reports of servers being down and people not getting matches.

I had an amazing time playing the beta and one of my favorite characters, Ken Masters, was available, not only was he available he was also killing it, I’ve seen some crazy combo’s and Ken promisses to be one of the more interesting characters in Street Fighter V, at least so far.

Below you can find some footage I’ve captured during the second beta and don’t forget to leave your feedback on the second Street Fighter V beta.

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