The purpose of the Fight Money system is to reward players who stay engaged with Street Fighter V over time. 

According to Capcom there will be two primary methods for players to gain Fight Money:  completing daily goals, and leveling up individual characters.

Daily Goals: 

Each day a player logs into the Street Fighter V client, they will be assigned a new daily goal.  Daily goals should be easily achievable in in one play session, and will award Fight Money based on their difficulty.

Some example goals are as follows:

–          Land X number of Hadokens

–          Land X number of anti-air attacks

–          Land X number crush-counter hits

Daily goals will help players improve with a variety of characters.  It will also ensure that players with a limited amount of time to play per day can still earn characters for free.  Capcom wants a system that rewards frequency of play, rather than requiring long marathon grinding sessions.

Leveling Individual Characters: 

Another goal that Capcom has for the Fight Money system is to ensure that players can still earn Fight Money through both single player and multiplayer modes.  Cap com will accomplish this by allowing players to earn Fight Money by leveling up individual characters in a variety of modes.

To remove any confusion up front, leveling up a character in Street Fighter V will not affect game balance.  It only shows how much time and effort an individual has placed into learning a character.

Each time a player levels up a character, they will receive a Fight Money bonus.  Earlier levels will be easy to obtain, and will scale to become more difficult the higher the level.

Street Fighter V will reward players who experiment with a wide variety of characters, and those who play frequently.  If you complete your daily goals and level up your characters on a regular basis, you’ll be on your way to earning new characters with ease!

For those who just can’t wait to earn each piece of new content, content can also be purchased instantly using our premium currency, named Zenny, which can be bought with real money.


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