Dataminers may have discovered audio files for some of Street Fighter V’s best kept secrets.

Ever since the second Street Fighter V beta, PC gamers are aqcuiring data on Street Fighter V. There have been many rumours over the past few days and normally I’m not into rumours, unless they’re spread by Capcom or Ono san themselves. Still, there’s so much going on with these files and the names found in the files have been mentioned so many times over the past few months that I can’t ignore these rumours. I still honestly believe that all 6 of the above silhouettes are different costumes for Sagat, long live the god of muay thai!

These discoveries were first posted on Shoryuken and later on IGN, it seems like there will be a 16th launch character named “Fan/Fun” and the six post-launch characters would be Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog(Bison), Juri and Urien. It seems like these rumours are true, but keep in mind that there has been no official word on these characters. However, Capcom has experienced issues with leaked characters and information before.

Below you can find the audio files for these characters.

Next to character information there were other audio files discoverd, these include what appears to be a ranking system ranging from Rookie to Hero and some potential information on the Capcom Pro Tour, it appears Capcom may be adding online events, which would be a nice addition to the pro tour.
What do you guys think about these rumours, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Street Fighter V will release February 16, 2016 for Playstation 4 and PC!


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