saolsheadJoin Kirito as he ventures online to explore Svart Alfheim, a brand-new area of ALfheim Online.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song features an original story created exclusively for the game by Reki Kawahara, the original writer of the Sword Art Online manga series. We join Kirito and his friends in Svart ALfheim, which is a brand new area of ALfheim Online, the one which is featured in the Fairy Dance arc of the anime. The new story is set after the events of Sword Art Online in an alternative timeline version of ALfheim Online (ALO), but remains in the same timeline as the previous games. Kirito and his friends were trapped in Sword Art Online a few months longer than they were in the original manga, because of this they’ve missed the launch of ALO, but were just in time for its first major expansion, Svart ALfheim.  Lost Song offers a unique experience for fans of the anime, manga and previous Sword Art Online games, giving them a new story and timeline to experience.

The first question we should ask ourselves would be, why? Why would you ever want to continue playing games after what happened in Sword Art Online. If for some reason I would end up in a game in which I couldn’t leave without dying in real life, had to battle multiple bosses and other players without dying and by some kind of miracle I would be able to escape certain death and return to real life, I would most definitely never ever touch a game again, unless I had to touch them to destroy them. For some bizarre reason Kirito and his friends don’t give a damn about their lives nor the lives of those closest to them, they just happily return to a similar game world and completely fall in love with it. The events which took place in Sword Art Online were horrible and life threatening, they were the reason the story was great, why I was interested in watching a new episode, Kirito isn’t trapped in Alfheim Online so there is no real underlying threat to his cause.

In Swordt Art Online: Lost Song Kirito and his friends meet a new group of players who call themselves Shamrock, a huge guild led by the pop singer and professor, Rainbow Arsharvin, Kirito’s new goal is to beat the game before they do. See no real underlying threat to his cause, just some friends playing a game they like. Through the huge portions of dialogue in the game it becomes clear that you’re just having a great time with your friends, your friends are almost always saying they want to do quests, obtain new equipment or level-up and are having fun playing the game.


Lost Song is the first Sword Art Online game where you aren’t forced to play as its main protagonist Kirito, you can choose between a fair amount of characters, some new and some already known to fans of the series. However, I found myself playing with Kirito a lot since I’m used to him and I prefer his melee combat style. Like with real MMO’s there are a lot of NPC’s and Random players inside the world of Alfheim Online. These are all AI controlled but sure makes you feel like you’re playing a MMORPG, you’ll go on quests and meet new people, when you’re battling enemies you can see some other “Players” trying to level-up and grind their way to new equipment.

Lost Song at its core is an ARPG and I must say the combat is put together in a decent enough way to make it feel enjoyable and interesting enough to continue playing the game. However, the game can be really repetitive and sometimes boring, but once you’re done with the boring stuff some amazing new features and content unlock. You’ll unlock a multiplayer mode where you can battle other players or team-up and do quests together, you can even create your own avatar and continue playing, the game still thinks you’re playing Kirito though.

You can create your own Party of up to three characters, this can be any mix of three characters, or you can solo the whole game it’s up to you. In the vast open world of Alfheim online you are able to fly or hover. While hovering, you’re able to do perform any action just like when you’re walking, but you’re unable to use use any of your skills while flying. The flight controls are not as great as you would like and needs some getting used to, once you’ve mastered flight it’s an absolute joy to fly around the world. However, walking within dungeons is a must.

Combat is a bit weak, almost all enemies can be fought without any real challenge, even putting the difficulty level on its maximum isn’t enough to make the game really challenging. You have acces to your standard attacks and some special abilities like magic and support, each character has their unique attacks and specials. Combining these and putting together a well-orchestrated party is key to your victory. The many bosses the game feature provide a more interesting challenge, but most of the time these can be defeated in the first try. Still, the game is just interesting enough to complete it and while there’s no real threat the ending is still highly enjoyable.

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