In a Galaxy far, far away…. DICE and EA created a brilliant Star Wars multiplayer with powerful Dubstep grenades.

Star Wars Battlefront was on my wish list for a long, long time and finally that moment has arrived. After its initial beta last October, which was a bit of a disappointment in my opinion, but a huge success based on numbers, my hopes for an amazing multiplayer game were gone. Fortunately the guys over at DICE and EA didn’t let me down after all, I have spent quite some time on the battlefield as both Rebels and Stormtroopers in service of the Empire. Battlefront features an amazing multiplayer and I can’t wait to get back in there and blow some stuff up with the “Dubstep Grenade” but, I will spend some time sharing my thoughts on the game first.

Single Player

I’ve said it a few times now, Star Wars Battlefront features an amazing multiplayer, but what about its single player mode? Battlefront’s single player is quite limited, it features a few trainings missions, Battle missions and survival missions, which are cool for a single play through. Both Survival and Battle missions can be played in offline and online co-op, making it a multiplayer mode for up to 2 players. In Survival you’ll be battling 15 waves of Stormtroopers and AT-ST’s in some of the game’s most prettiest and well-put-together maps. While the mode is enjoyable for a limited time, clearing the mode on master difficulty is pretty hard and rewarding, it falls short in comparison with some of the other game modes.


Battle Missions lets you play as a hero or Villain and battle against the AI the first to 200 tickets wins the match. With every kill you’ll make the enemy will drop a ticket, every ticket is worth 2 points. You can pick up the tickets your teammates drop to deny the other team their points. This mode is pretty basic and will give you the same feel as some of the multiplayer modes without actually playing against another human being.

The trainingsmissions are highly enjoyable and offer a few awesome moments like the Endor chase sequence and should be a must for everyone starting playing Star Wars Battlefront.


The multiplayer is where Battlefront shines brightest. Many of the game modes featured in multiplayer are a blast to play and feature a unique approach on some of the modes we’ve seen in other games. I had the second most fun in the objective based multiplayer game modes like; Walker Assault, Drop Zone, Supremacy, Cargo and Droid Run. While these are all objective based modes there are some unique features in each of them. Walker Assault is probably the most interesting of these, it lets you run around as heroes or villains, defend or bring down a AT-AT while you pilot ships and wreak havoc in At-ST’s. Supremacy features everything Walker Assault has to offer minus the At-At’s and focusses on capturing zones for your team. Drop Zone is all about capturing pods and earning the most points, it features no vehicles and no heroes. Cargo is your basic capture the flag and droid run features 3 droids which will move around the map and need to be captured to win the match.


Battlefront also features the game modes, Hero hunt, Heroes VS Villains and blast, these are all based on killing as many enemies as possible. Blast is your standard 10VS10 Team Deathmatch and doesn’t offer much more. Hero Hunt lets you hunt down a Hero, the one who kills the Hero becomes a Hero. Heroes VS Villains features 3 heroes and 3 villains the team that kills all 3 of the opponents heroes or villains wins the match. These modes are all enjoyable and feature some funny moments, especially when you’ll encounter a Hero or Villain.

Now the most enjoyable mode in my opinion is Fighter Squadron, it’s not as diverse as Walker Assault but, it has  the Millennium Falcon and Slave-1. Fighter Squadron is a game mode where you can only fly in ships, you’ll have TIE-Fighters, Interceptors, A-wings and X-wings at your disposal while you’ll battle for your faction. The battle takes place high in the sky and every encounter with the enemy can be over quickly.  There are some objectives like defend or attack a transport ship, but most of the time it’s just a fast-paced shootout between you and another pilot, unfortunately sometimes that means killing an AI controlled pilot.



While some modes offer a completely different gameplay, Fighter Squadron for instance only offers spaceship battles, for the main part of the game Battlefront will be played as a FPS or Third person shooter depending on you preferences(you can switch modes with a simple press of a button). You’ll have an arsenal of blasters at your disposal from heavy blasters to Han’s blaster. Picking the right one is essential, some blasters offer a high damage output but have a low fire rate, some of them are single shots others are semi or full automatic. I can’t really tell which one is the best, it depends too much on your personal playstyle and preferences. For the majority of the game I played with the SE-14C which fires a 5 round burst and is ideal for close combat. For the bigger maps I picked the T-21 which delivers massive damage and is good at long distances, once again just personal preferences. Your blaster isn’t your only weapon on the battlefield you’ll can equip 3 star cards which will aid you in battle and picking up power-ups is a must, once unlocked some of these will bring a completely different playstyle to the game. The Jump Pack which is unlocked at level 13 will boost you high up in the air and lets you wreak havoc from above, you can jump pack into a group of enemies and throw a grenade, preferable a Dubstep grenade (Thermal Imploder) because of its range and damage. At level 15 you’ll unlock your first trait which levels as you gain a killing spree having explosive damage resistance is like winning the lottery when you’re in a match with a lot of dubstep grenades. All the star cards and power-ups  combined create a unique experience for each player and unlocking new items to equip is rewarding and much needed when you’re start playing the game for the first time.

Below you’ll find a compilation of my time in Star Wars Battlefront and features some of my most enjoyable moments.



Star Wars Battlefront is set during the original trilogy and features some iconic moments and characters from the movies, taking down an At-AT with an Airspeeder’s towing cable is highly rewarding and enjoyable. The game looks beautiful and  the audio is awesome, the blasters and guns feel and sound like you’d expect. The heroes and Villains from the movies offer a gameplay style that suits them, Each Hero has a Villain counterpart with equal abilities and all of them combined make for a good team. While the game is full of nostalgic moments, feels and looks it still brigs some new things to the world of Star Wars. Fortunately these new toys in Star Wars Battlefront still feel like they fit in perfectly with the rest, the Thermal Imploder A.K.A. the Dubstep grenade is impressive both visually and gameplaywise and can create some tense situations on the battlefield.

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