Team Ninja’s “Dark Sengoku Action RPG” Nioh gets some new gameplay footage during this years PSX.

Nioh was first announced in 2004 and would have become a PS3 title, unfortunately Koei Tecmo put the game on hold and it wasn’t untill much later in 2010 that they handed over the development to Team Ninja. Team Ninja, who’s now behind the development of Nioh, has had much succes with their Ninja Gaiden series in the past and before we had the Nioh trailer which we saw at TGS 2015 Ni-Oh was a completely different game with too much Ninja Gaiden in it. The team started over from scratch and that’s how whe got this amazing “Dark Sengoku Action RPG” which we saw at TGS 2015.

During this years PSX Koei Tecmo provided us with yet again some new footage for this upcoming masterpiece. Below you will find the new footage shown during this years PSX.

One of the elements highlighted at the Tokyo Game Show is the online element called “Chinokatanazuka,” or “Bloodied Blade Mound,” will let you see bloody mounds of swords where other players have died. If you happen to touch these mounds, the player becomes “Shigurui,” or “confused corpse” and will begin a battle. This of course sounds very similar to the bloodstain element in the From Software “Souls” series, but works a little different. When you come across a Blade Mound you will have the chance to battle the Shigurui and earn yourself some loot.

This is just one of the many features available in Ni-Oh. In Ni-Oh the protagonist William is capable of fighting using all kinds of weapons from swords to spears. Speaers have better range and can hit numerous enemies, but if you’re in narrow areas you might end up hitting the walls, so it won’t always be easy. The weapons have their own characteristics, and there will also be stances that are better for offensive or defensive modes. William can hold various “Guardian Spirits” in his weapons, and they’ll show up to do a powerful attack for a fixed period of time. However, if William dies the Guardian Spirit stays where he dies, and you’ll need to go back to retrieve it before being able to use it again William can collect spirits on his adventure and equip them to attack enemies or heal himself. This is done in real-time, as is equipping items, which means strategy will need to be employed when using spirit attacks or healing actions. The active spirit can be changed when William visits a shrine. These are also elements found in the From Software “Souls” series but this time mixed with elements from the Final fantasy series.

Koei Tecmo’s Nioh will come to the west as an Playstation 4 exclusive. 


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