sfu1headThe wait is over, the Street Fighter legacy continues in an all-new ongoing series dubbed Street Fighter Unlimited, written by series favourite Ken Siu-chon.

This week sees the release of Udon’s first issue of Street Fighter Unlimited. Street Fighter Unlimited combines fighters from all eras of Street Fighter’s nearly 30-year history. This new monthly series is written by returning Street Fighter scribe Ken Siu-chong (Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter), while penciller Joe Ng (Street Fighter Origins: Akuma) takes care of the art department.


This first issue picks up loosely where the previous series ended. Leaving Ryu, the game’s protagonist with too many questions and just a few solutions. This first issue is all about Ryu’s inner struggle, is he really a demon or is there good in him after all. Ryu receives help from an unexpected ally, this shows how much the characters in the Street Fighter franchise have grown. This ally who once was scarred by Ryu’s inner demon is now on a more righteous path and thus willing to help Ryu find his true self. While this first issue focusses solely on Ryu and his journey to overcome the Satsui No Hado, there’s still room for some plot development. We see a familiar looking character, the leader of the criminal organization called Shadaloo, who thinks that after Bison’s defeat overseeing the underworld and destabilizing the world is a taxing job. When met with an unwelcome guest things sure are getting interesting in the next issue.

Writer Ken Siu-chong has all the right ingredients in this issue to open the series in the best way possible and there’s plenty of potential with this new Street Fighter series, but that being said this first issue of Street Fighter Unlimited didn’t open as strong as I would have hoped, but is building towards a more interesting story. The art looks amazing and the pages are well written, but after a long wait I would have liked to be a bit more hyped about this new series. Street Fighter Unlimited is a monthly series so we can expect a brand-new issue in January and hopefully the second issue will pick-up where issue one left us: Interested and with a hunger for more.

The first issue of Street Fighter Unlimited als features one of UDON’s trademark 4-page bonus stories. This action-packed short story features some fan favourite characters on their journey to bring down the secret society. A rotating team of talented writers and artists such as Jim Zub(Wayward, Samurai Jack), Adam Warren(Empowered), Chris Sarracini(Street Fighter Origins: Akuma), Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz(RandomVeus) and Omar Dogan (Street Fighter Legends) take care of these interesting little stories.

Street Fighter Unlimited will be available starting tomorrow, December 9th. Head in to your local comics retailer to pick-up your copy of Street Fighter Unlimited, or find a comic shop near you by using www.comicshoplocator.com.

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